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I have been into photography for longer than i care to remember. I'm a Nikon user, with Fuji X100S as my go anywhere. My interests are wide ranging, I try to keep an open mind as well as an open shutter.
Since joining in 2017 and with the help of fellow members of the Camera Club,
I have developed and am still developing my photographic skills.
I am still progressing and enjoying my photography and have also made many friends at the Club.
I have been into photography for many years, since back in the days of roll film and my big passion is landscape & seascape. I have at long last joined the RPS and Chard Camera Club and look forward to improving my photography.
I've been a member since 2017, as a complete beginner, and in April 2022 I was named club Photographer of the Year. The friends I have made at CCC helped and encouraged me since day one, helping develop my photography skills. I always look forward to each meeting, to find new ideas and inspiration and I find myself seeing images in a huge variety of circumstances.
After being a member for six years I think it is about time I opened my slot. Photography dovetails well with my other interests, travel, history and the natural world, providing an archive of visual memories. It also backs up many tall tales.
I am a keen photographer having joined the club in 1999 as a complete beginner. I use Nikon equipment and enjoy close ups, natural history and flowers.
From an early age when an uncle, who was a professional photographer,
gave me a Kodak Box camera, it was not until I retired and joined the
Club that I was able to devote time to improving my skills. I like to
produce a variety of images and I am always looking for a quirky image.
I have been a member of Chard Camera Club for over 20 years, joining as a Beginner. A year later I won the Beginner's Cup which gave me the encouragement to continue to improve my taking photography.
Peter joined the club as a complete beginner in 1999 and although he had his first camera in 1954, it was for holiday snaps only, but that soon changed. Peter bought his first digital camera in 2003 and was a stalwart of the club for many years. He will be greatly missed.
Since 1984 I have been interested in taking photographs which include travel, animals and landscapes. I have been on the committee for many years. I am proud to have been the treasurer for over 15 years. I now use a Nikon Digital SLR, having previously used Pentax (film), Fujifilm and Olympus Digital cameras.