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I have been into photography for longer than i care to remember. I'm a Nikon user, with Fuji X100S as my go anywhere. My interests are wide ranging, I try to keep an open mind as well as an open shutter.
Since joining in 2017 and with the help of fellow members of the Camera Club,
I have developed and am still developing my photographic skills.
I am still progressing and enjoying my photography and have also made many friends at the Club.
I have been into photography for many years, since back in the days of roll film and my big passion is landscape & seascape. I have at long last joined the RPS and Chard Camera Club and look forward to improving my photography.
Autumn into Winter 2020 and I managed to get out and take these images when lockdown restrictions permitted. The Autumn colours had been splendid and then we had some lovely foggy early mornings, which is when all of these were taken.
All were shot very locally, except one, demonstrating that you don't have to travel far!
Having joined the club eight plus years ago now, I have been most impressed by the leadership shown by the Chair, the knowledge that I have gained from the members by way of open conversation over a cuppa and regular, in house advice/demonstrations given at the meetings and at the out-and-about trips we partake in.

I continue ( I believe) to improve my photography and look forward to the twice monthly meetings and to be challenged further.
Proud to be President of the Club. I consider myself a 'generalist' and 'emotive' photographer, preferring to inject my images with the emotions felt when taking the image, rather than relying solely on technical and compositional rules. ( p.s......these are all 'phone pics, shot on Huawei, LG or Samsung 'phones. )
I joined the CCC in April 2015 and am confident that doing so is helping me already to expand my photography skills and the widening of my portfolio of subject matter.
I joined in 2017 as a complete beginner.
I always liked looking at photographs and art but never really tried to produce anything myself since leaving school. The friends I have made at CCC helped and encouraged me since day one; I believe this helped develop my photography skills. With so much to learn, I always look forward to each meeting, to find new ideas and inspiration.
I am a keen photographer having joined the club in 1999 as a complete beginner. I use Nikon equipment and enjoy close ups, natural history and flowers.