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Thursday 03 January 2019

Winners and imagaes from the club's last in-house Digitally Projected Image competition in special subject 'Vanishing point' and an 'Open' ctaegory.
The evening was very well attended with some great images entered.
Winners were:-

Vanishing point ...
1st Journey to the centre of the Earth      Drew Andrerson
2nd Biddulph Grange IR                           Don Easter
3rd The climb                                           John Flanagan

1st Damp dark woodland                         Debbie Hammomd
2nd Red deer                                           Jim Brown
3rd Stairs on fire                                      Debbie Hammond.


Thursday 15th November

Tonight saw club members compete in their inhouse competition in three categories of 'Gold', 'Marine' and an 'Open' section.

The evenng was well attended and the audience were not disappointed with the images presented.
Results are as follows:-

1st Golden arcs by Angela Heed
2nd Shinning bright by Marjorie Marrett
3rd Nine carrot gold by Sylvia Adams

1st Royal Marine by Dick Moon
2nd Beached by Alan Williams
3rd Two ships by Colin Normanton

1st Dancing in the fog by Deborah Hammond
2nd It's behing you by John Emery
3rd Across Derwent water by Alan Williams


Thursday 01 November 

Results evening

The results of the three annual 'Trip' competitions were anounced tonight, with the winners being a sfollows :

MYSTERY TRIP : this year's venue - Cardiff

1st : Jeff Hutson

2nd : Drew Anderson

3rd : Marjorie Marrett


Roving Hunt - Chard to Seatown and back and all points in between !

1st : Alastair Purcell

2nd : Dick Moon

3rd : Steve Weller


Walking Hunt - this year's venue - Sherborne

1st : Marrion Day

2nd : Alastair Purcell AND John Bailey

3rd : Dick Moon AND Jeff Hutson

Huge thanks to the organisers of these ever-popular annual trips, for their time, patience and efforts in not only arranging, but also for scoring and presenting the results.




Thursday 13th September

Tutorial evening

In the first of the new 'Tutorial evenings', 15 members, of varying skill levels, got together to listen to talks on 'Sharpening in Lightroom and Photoshop', 'Saving images in Lightroom' and 'Editing an image in BW - using LR and PS'.  The evening was delivered in a relaxed manner, with members being able to watch projected presentations, as well as example images being edited 'live', along with questions from the floor and discussions on the techniques.  Members were then able to download the talks and examples onto their memory sticks, for perusal at home.  As this course progresses, all levels of skill are hoped to be covered, using practical hands-on tutorials as well as talks and projected examples, giving members the chance to 'dip in and out' at their leisure.  The next 'Tutorial evening' will be October 11th.



Thursday 6th September

Club evening - 'Splash'

For the first meeting after their summer recess, some 25 - 30 club members were treated to a demonstration of water-splash photography, by Malcolm Brocklehurst, Club Treasurer.  Malcolm had designed and built his own 'rig' for controllling water flow into a bowl of water, to produce various combinations of splash effects.  Members were able to use different set-ups to attempt their own pictures......easier said than done !  However, some excellent results were achieved and whilst fun, there was also a serious side to the evening, with members, both old and new, learning or refreshing their memories on subjects such as aperture, depth-of-field, shutter speed and ISO settings.  Watch out for 'action' shots on members' galleries on this club site !



Saturday 14th July 2018 Chard Horticulture and Craft Show

saw Chard Members hold their own in the Photography Class.

Four members of the club entered into the spirit of the weekend to support the local Chard Horticulture and Craft Show entering images in the photography class of 8 subjects. The images covered  the subjects of:- Gardens, Historic buildings, Friendship, Action, Seasons, Black and white, At the beach and birds.

There were plenty of entries and the fight for the top prize was closely fought for resulting in  only one point separating first and second place with Chard member Callum Brown running out in second place. The other members Colin Normanton, Debbie Hammond and Dick Moon managed to get two first places and  a third place which meant the club managed to score points in 5 out of the 8 categories.

Well done to Callum who, as one of our younger members,  has showed his worth in this competition and has proved just how much he has  improved as an in experienced young photographer in the club.


Annual Display of images

The club's end of 2017/18 year images are now on view for all to see at the Chard Library. Bear in mind though that the library does not open on  Wednesday and the images are only there for another 3 weeks.




Chard Camera Club held it's end of year presentation evening at the Baptist Church Hall, on Saturday 24th March 2018.

This is the culmination of all members having entered  the numerous competitions, both in-house and inter-club for which they received points dependent on their scores within these competitions.

Prizes and certificates were on offer for Best Colour Print, Best Digitally Projected Image, Best Monochrome Image, along with Photographer of the Year and other awards for the many great images seen throughout the year.

It was also the time to select our new, annually-elected President : this position is held on alternate years by a gentleman,  followed be a lady member the next year.  The holder is selected by the club committee and the honour is bestowed upon a member who has given, by their actions, unlimited support to the club and it's members.  This year the club is pleased Mrs Brenda Rose has agreed to take on the title.

The interval for the evening was taken up with members and their guests partaking in an American-style supper, to which all members contributed. This was then followed by the presentation of all the various awards and certificates.  For the second year in a row the overall Photographer of the Year award went to the club's secretary, Mrs Deborah Hammond, a photographer who is all too keen to say she has only seriously taken up photography in the past 3-5 years. Despite this, Debbie is now producing award winning images on a regular basis.

It is because of her success and that of others that we are always on the look out for more talent to come along and join us; you have to start out at some time so, if you have an interest in taking photos and are looking for guidance/support in your craft, then get in touch with the club and there will always be a member willing to give advice/help. Anyone interested can always come along to one of our meetings on the first and third Thursday of the month, where they will be made most welcome and can visit twice to see how things are run, before being asked to commit to joining as a member.





Image shows Left - Drew Anderson. Right - the judge Mr George Reekie. Photos by WesleyMoon and Sidmouth Camera Club   

The proud moment for our Chairman Drew Anderson, when he picked up the Horseshoe Trophy for the second year running, from the judge for the evening, Mr George Reekie.

A thorouhly enjoyable evening, with considered, beneficial and at times funny, critique from a very good judge.  A light buffet was enjoyed in the interval and gave all those present the chance to inspect the prints and engage in friendly chat.  

Chard Members in the DPI section dropped no lower than second place in 3 of the five categories, with two members gaining first spots.

In the Print section one member was placed 4th, two members were placed second and a further two members gained first places, giving us an overall 5 clear points in front of the second placed club.

Thoroughly deserved to all invloved, well done the Selection Committee and more importantly - thank you to 'The photographers'.

The following members were accredited with the following places:-


In the dark                      The Kelpies                    Drew Anderson                2nd

Textures                         Lost in the woods            Sylvia Adams                  1st

Country life                     Early morning feed         Malcolm Brocklehurst      2nd

Movement                      Southern Hawker            Don Easter                      1st

Different Perspectives    Barcelona apartment     Alan WIlliams                   2nd



Portrait               Wanda&nbs