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24 May 2020

The club has now been in lock down for the past two months  and although this has been the case the membership has possibly been more active photography wise than normal, especially as the activity has been encouraged by our ever enthusiastic chairman Drew who set members the 'Viral Challenge', a weekly opportunity to produce up to three images on a subject selected by the chair.

To date there have been seven subjects covered  and numerous members have taken part meaning that participants have been taking images at and about their home areas and in general keeping their hand in their hobbies within the realms of the lock down.

Well done all having taken part and who intend to further enter the challenge,good luck to all participating.


19 February

Chard Camera Club partners up with Essex House Surgery.

Friends of Essex House Surgery, Chard approached the Club to enquire as to whether members would be happy and willing to supply their photographic images to adorn the walls of the surgery and the challenge was taken up by our members.

The Club purchased ten photo frames and filled them with ten colourful mounted prints.

Chair of Friends of Essex House, Mr Ed Holman, took possession of the images on Wednesday 19th February 2020 on behalf of the surgery and will be placing the images around the surgery in due course.

A spokesman for the camera club said, "It is a great pleasure to supply the images on behalf of Chard Camera Club and we hope the photographs will appeal to staff and patients alike as they attend the surgery". 
The photographic work of Club members is now able to be viewed at three locations around Chard (The Guildhall, Tawstock Surgery and now Essex House Surgery).
It is hoped the supply of the photographs will appeal to staff and patients alike as they attend the surgery.
Images on display are:-
        Towards Lyme            WesleyMoon
Stugumber wild flower meadow            Debbie Hammond LRPS
Chard toll cottage             Dick Moon
      Blackdown hills             Terry Marrett
                       Hibiscus             Marjorie Marrett
                Rainbow over loch            Malcolm Brocklehurst
     Dorset bluebells at dawn            Alistair Purcell LRPS
          Abstract reflection            Colin Normanton
Axmouth Harbour           John Terry
                       Kawffee           Drew Anderson

Thursday 06 February

Duncan & Deborah Armour - In the footsteps of Shackleton

Duncan and Deborah returned to Chard to talk all things polar - south polar.  Following the first part of Shackleton's polar exploration and based mainly around the Weddell Sea, the talk introduced us to a variety of landscapes and wildlife, from the menacing bull seals to the photogenic Black Browed Albatross.  Duncan's wider context-filled images were perfectly complemented by Deborah's more intimate, nearly abstract, close-ups of a variety of polar wildlife and landscapes.  Some of the detailed shots of ice-bergs and ocean waves were particularly engrossing. An evening of historical and photographic enjoyment.  


December 2019 & January 2020

In the past two months, the Club has been lucky to welcome two exceptional speakers.  

Andrew Davies brought his digital display of excellent images and treated us to an evening of colour and monochrome, covering a wide range of topics, each treated with empathy and feeling.  An impressive talk not to be missed.

Malcolm Macnaughton went 'old school' on us and treated us to an evening entirely of print images, all of which were shot on film and all in monochrome, a lot of which have been shot very recently or are part of an ongoing project.  One member commented " I had goose bumps seeing some of these images and listening to Malcolm talk".  The Club was also invited to get 'hands on' with Malcolm's 5x4 print camera, which was new to some but brought back memories for others !


Wednesday 27 November

Annual Battle vs Colyford & DIstrict

Chard travelled to their hosts for the evening, Colyford & District Photographic Club and enjoyed an evening of excellent images and considered and insightful judging.  Ian Bateman presided over a very close fought battle, with the result only being decided on the final four of 50 images.  Chard narrowly won and look forward to welcoming Colyford to Holyrood Street next year.

Tutorial - 12 September

Some 15 members attended the latest in the club's tutorial series, this time a talk on Photoshop and Lightroom, lead by Debbie Hammond LRPS.  Debbie showed her workflow from initial edits in Lightroom, moving through Photoshop using layers, masks and overlay textures.  A lively evening was enjoyed by all, with questions aplenty and some 'dark arts' myths being dispelled ! 


Jonathan Warner

Thursday 5th September saw Chard host a slightly different type of speaker for the club.  Jonathan Warner, a local video- and film-maker came to talk about his work and show some examples, including bringing some 'tools of the trade'.  Jonathan's work varies from in-house commercial, through advertising and social and the club was treated to some evocative short films, of which the 'personal' films about Chard and Lyme Regis were particularly well-received.  Members were active in questioning Jonathan on his methods, post-production and equipment, and were more than pleased with the time and detail given to the answers.  An enjoyable evening was had by all and we look forward to welcoming Jonathan back at a later date, to possibly lead a more 'practical' evening. 



Two club members, Alastair Purcell and Debbie Hammond, have just been awarded their LRPS Distinction.  

"To gain this distinction, a panel is submitted for judging; it requires 10 images which reflect the applicant's ability as a photographer.  Applicants must show variety in approach and techniques, but not necessarily in subject matter. Demanding but achievable for most dedicated photographers." 

Congratuations to both Alastair and Debbie on their award; no mean feat !


June Tutorial

Some twelve members attended the latest in the occasional series of tutorials, where members get together to discuss various aspects of photography.  The events allow members to 'dip in' as they please, whether for a new learning experience or a refesher and this month's topic was 'Composition'.  Those present sat through a presentation, with images, which covered a whole raft of elements for consideration when 'building' an image.  Lively discussion and interaction made the evening a fun learning experience ( hopefully ! ) and was followed, after refreshments, by a short discussion of some 'before and after' images.  The next tutorial will take place some time after the summer break.


Inter-club battle - Chard and Wellington : 11 April 2019

In a re-arranged fixture, postponed due to the snow earlier in the year, Chard welcomed members from Wellington Camera Club as we hosted this year's annual batttle.  Judge John Tilsley provided his customary insightful and sometimes witty critiques and all present enjoyed his input.  Scoring was very close and the winner was only revealed once the very last of the 'held back' images was scored; the scores showed a margin of only one point, with Wellington coming out as winners this year.  Our thanks go to the judge and to the members of Wellington for their kind donation to the evenings prize draw.


The Horseshoe Battle 2019.

Thursday 14th March saw the club partake in the 27th Annual Horseshoe Battle along with the four other clubs which make up the competition. Colyford Camera Club were competing for the first time in the competition and their members were welcomed by the chairman of hosts Chard Camera Club, Mr Drew Anderson.

The competition comprised two parts: Prints covering the subjects of:- Nature, Landscape, Portrait, Monochrome and Close-up.

The second half covered Digitally Projected Images on the subjects of:- Vanishing point,  Ecclesiastical, Marine, Gold and Fur & feathers.

A midway break gave all present the chance to take finger buffet refreshment (supplied by the Hunters Lodge, Axminster) with a welcome cup of tea, coffee or juice.

On resumption, a close battle was contested between all the clubs, with the lead changing hands two or three times and the eventual  winners, ahead of second-placed Chard (who have held the shield for the past two years) were Exmouth, who in the past have held the trophy on a further eight occasions. It is with a little sadness then to say that Exmouth announced they would not be entering next year, due to an ever-increasing programme of events.

The club’s thanks go to judge Marija Lees, who provided insightful, considered and sometimes amusing critique.  Thanks also go to members of Chard Club, especially the leadership from this year's Horseshoe Chairman Malcolm Brocklehurst and to those members from all clubs who in one way or another contributed to the smooth running and success of the event as it turned out to be.

Until the next time THANK YOU ALL.


Thursday 06 February

Wednesday 7th February saw the the Club's Chairman and Press Officer deliver 20, framed, members images to be exhibited in the local solicitiors, Berensens LLP in Holyrood Street Chard, where they will be on show until April.

The firm is willing for anyone passing to call in and view and to leave any comment in the book. Our thanks go to Carinna and partners for accommodating the club in this venture and we are looking forward to the invitation evening, which will be arranged for the beginning of March.


Sunday 27 January

Go check out this link....

One of our members, Lynda Porter, has achieved third place with a lovely image entitled 'Evening Light', in this competition.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and an image will appear, which you can then 'right arrow' through, to see the winning images.  Lynda's image is also the MAIN image on the page...

Well done, Lynda !


Thursday 17 January 2019

Some 30 members attended this evening's talk, by street photographer Dave Mason, ably assisted by his wife Lol.  Dave's unique approach and delivery provided an evening of not only exceptional photographs, but also a lot of anecdotes, fun and laughter.  Dave's passion and eye for an image which most of us may not see, shone through in his work and his delivery. 

If you get a chance to book him for a talk, don't pass it up.


Thursday 03 January 2019

Winners and imagaes from the club's last in-house Digitally Projected Image competition in special subject 'Vanishing point' and an 'Open' ctaegory.
The evening was very well attended with some great images entered.
Winners were:-

Vanishing point ...
1st Journey to the centre of the Earth      Drew Andrerson
2nd Biddulph Grange IR                           Don Easter
3rd The climb                                           John Flanagan

1st Damp dark woodland                         Debbie Hammomd
2nd Red deer                                           Jim Brown
3rd Stairs on fire                                      Debbie Hammond.


Thursday 15th November

Tonight saw club members compete in their inhouse competition in three categories of 'Gold', 'Marine' and an 'Open' section.

The evenng was well attended and the audience were not disappointed with the images presented.
Results are as follows:-

1st Golden arcs by Angela Heed
2nd Shinning bright by Marjorie Marrett
3rd Nine carrot gold by Sylvia Adams