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  • General WCPF Competition Rules - Any photographer entering a WCPF competition must be a member of club affiliated to the WCPF. Any photographer may only represent one club per competition.

Images and prints for club competitions must be submitted with the approval of the photographer.

In all cases, the original image(s) must have been taken using a photographic process and be the sole copyright of the Entrant. Any modification of the original image must be made by the author or under his/her personal direction.

The use of clip-art, downloaded textures, or elements from any other photographer's images is not permitted

Prints - Mount size to be 400mm x 500mm (unless separately defined in a competition’s specific rules) and no more than 5mm thick. No entrant information to be shown on the face of the mount. Photographers name, club and image title to be shown on a white label on the reverse of the print. Avoid placing your labels in the bottom right hand corner (viewed from the back) of mounts, as this area is used for competition produced labels. No Velcro or clips to be left on the reverse side of the mount.


DPI images must be saved in sRGB colour space AND BE 1600 x 1200 pixels FOR SPECIFIC ENTRY TO WCPF COMPS ONLY.


All photographic processes and techniques are eligible, providing the photographer owns the copyright to all elements of the picture